Meet Our Team

Rocky Farahmand


Owner & Founder

                                     Rocky's day at Finesse begins before                                        the sun rises. As an Implantologist,                                            Rocky’s schedule in a given week is                                         always full. His days consist of visiting                                     clients to assist chair-side or to assist                                    the doctor's in diagnosing difficult or combination cases. Rocky is always on-call to answer any questions or offer advice to our clients throughout his full day.

After a long day, Rocky likes to hit the gym to play racquetball. His other hobbies are golf, yoga, dining, and enjoying a nice glass of red wine.

Morgan Kirwin


Executive of Marketing & Development

                                      Morgan joined the team at Finesse

                                      at the start of 2019 as

                                     Executive of Marketing and                                                     Development. Her role at Finesse is to                               ensure that our clients are up to date on current changes in the dental industry, coordinate educational seminars, and provide each client with exceptional product knowledge and service.

Morgan is happily married with a son and a daughter. She enjoys baking and spending time with her family.



Customer Service Supervisor

                                     Gayle and Anna head up Customer                                            Service at Finesse Dental Lab.


                                     They are happy to assist you with any                                    questions or direct your phone calls to                                 the correct technician. Gayle and Anna are responsible for inputting the cases into the system, shipping and handling, and billing every case.

Gayle has been a part of the Finesse family since 2009. Gayle loves spending time with her nieces and nephews, and doing jigsaw puzzles.

Roberto Robba


General Manager

                                     As General Manager Roberto wears                                          many hats. First and foremost, he                                              oversees every case that comes                                              through our doors, from start to finish.                                    Roberto is responsible for all final                                        quality control checks before our restorations are delivered to our clients, and is solely responsible for all implant cases that are made by Finesse. Roberto handles calls daily from our doctors to assist with questions and offer professional advice, as well as travels to offices all over the tri-state area to assist chairside. 


Roberto loves soccer! Previously both a coach and player, he hopes to coach again one day soon. 

Robin Middleton


Business Administrator

                                     Robin has been a member of the                                                Finesse family since 2020. Robin's                                           role with Finesse is to record client                                          payments, enter and pay vendor                                           invoices, human resources, expedite                                    payroll, and other accounting functions. Numbers are a family thing. Robin has a degree in Accounting and Marketing, her husband is a CPA, and her son works for a CPA firm.

Robin has volunteered for various non-profit organizations, chairing fundraiser events and soliciting auction items. She belongs to two Book Clubs, though both are more geared to socializing and one has turned into a Book Club Restaurant Group.