Outsourced Dental Work Warning

It was brought to our attention that a story broke out in Ravenna, Ohio in regards to unsafe levels of lead in a senior citizen's dental restoration. There were many complications after the contaminated bridge was inserted. The patient was not only able to chew, but had several reactions and infections which resulted in the bridge being taken out. The patient discovered her bridge was made in China and wanted to test it for any hazardous materials. The results came back off the charts. Over the past year, she has undergone two surgeries, and now is suing the dentist for damages.

We understand most people cannot afford the best dental care because of sky rocketing prices for insurance, but take into consideration the healthcare and well-being of your patients. Here at Finesse Dental Lab, all materials and products are FDA approved and made in our laboratory located in Cherry Hill, NJ. We have never taken part in outsourcing to foreign countries and never plan to either. The incident in Ohio has shown that we have made the right choice.

Find the original article below: https://www.10tv.com/article/lawmakers-fda-eye-dental-work-report

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