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Know exactly  what materials
you are providing your patient from Start to Finish...

Consistency is key in any industry. When it comes to the health and safety of your patients, ensuring that the materials used to fabricate their new smile is

ADA & FDA approved is of the utmost importance. Finesse is proud to utilize the highest quality materials for every case, without exception. 

Below you will find each and every brand used within our laboratory for simply transparency to assist in avoiding in any patient allergies or reactions.

esthetic z.png

Cosmetic Restorations

Finesse is proud to exclusively utilize Ivoclar Vivadent ZirCAD Prime Zirconia, ZirCAD Prime Esthetic Zirconia, and IPS e.max Porcelain products in our lab.


Removable Prosthetics

From hand-made dentures to 3D printed or milled removables, Finesse is proud to utilize Dentsply Sirona, TCS, and Myerson materials. Consistency is key!


Denture Tooth Options: Kulzer Mitsui, Ivoclar, 3D Printed IPN Teeth, and more by special order.


Implant Dentistry

From single-units to full arch, Finesse is dedicated to working closely with implant companies around the world to stay up to date on the latest products and features. Each case includes genuine implant parts from beginning to end, ensuring the most accurate fit for a long-lasting restoration. 


Alloys & Metal Frameworks

Finesse has worked closely with Argen Corporation for over 2 decades as our alloy supplier.

By closely following the IDENTALLOY program, each dental restoration is guaranteed to meet the highest level of material composition in today's market.

 All PFM Crowns and Titanium Cast Frameworks come with a IDENTALLOY Certificate for patient documentation.

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SemiPrecious Alloy.png
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