Finesse Products

We only use the finest ADA & FDA medically approved materials.


We maintain constant and consistent quality control of each restoration. Our skilled technicians are dedicated to constructing impeccable products that are guaranteed to last the patient. 

All restorations are completed ON-SITE from start to finish at our Cherry Hill, NJ lab.

We go the extra mile to remember your preferences and maintain a consistent and highly customized experience.

Advanced technology and equipment operated by highly trained professionals ensure each case is completed with precision. 

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Products & Materials

Custom Abutment

At Finesse Dental Lab we are able to work with all of the industry leading dental implant brands that our doctors prefer. 
We offer Fixed, Hybrid, and Removable Restorations.

all on 5 implant restoration
implant restoration
screwable implant restoration
implant restoration
implant restoration
implant restoration

implant restorations

tcs flex partial

Full Denture

*High Impact Acrylic w/ Esthetic Finish

Cast Partial

cast partial
full denture

Partial Flex Denture

Acrylic Partial Denture

Acrylic Partial

w/ Metal Clasps

Gold Partial Denture

DuraFlex Milled Flexible Partial

Paragon Partial

(Cast Partial Alternative)


gold crown
white gold crown
gold pfm crown

All of our PFM Restorations are fabricated using preferred choice of metal and premium porcelain.
Our choice of quality brand products allow for an optimal bonding system.

Non-Precious/Base Alloy

ADA Dental Alloy Mixture - Medically Approved

*NO Nickel, Chrome, or Zinc

VIP Yellow 

100% Titanium, Gold Plated


60% Silver Palladium


40% White Gold


84% Yellow Gold

gold bridge
pfm crown

Crown & bridge

zenostar (bruxer) ivoclar e.max zirconia crown

Zenostar (Bruxer) Crown

Ivoclar e.max Zirconia


esthetic multi-layer zirconia ivoclar e.max esthetic zirconia

Esthetic Multi-Layer Zirconia

Ivoclar e.max Esthetic Zirconia

pfz e.max zirconia crown
esthetic crown

PFZ Crown

Ivoclar e.max Zirconia
 Ivoclar e.max Porcelain

E-max veneer/laminate ivoclar e.max porcelain

E-Max Veneer/Laminate

Ivoclar e.max Porcelain

Full E-Max Crown

Ivoclar e.max

e.max crown